Sunday, 18 May 2014

Some prints ready for sale.

Sunset over Paignton, taken from a boat to show the landscape

Eastbourne pier


Female wheatear

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Esty shop now open and ready to go.
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First print up for sale.

Gavin Maxwell's old Isle of Soay basking shark fishery

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

So, this morning was a bit of a brain stormer and at 8 am it was way to early. 

I've been asked if it was possible to do a limited edition cup, for the local model railway club exhibition.
Easy enough if the cup is unusable - but that's just not my style. 
The photograph wouldn't be a problem - I've plenty of trains to choose from, but the actually printing is the big problem. Figure it'll be around £500 to get the equipment and set up. Not sure if the fiance's will allow it yet. 

Anyway I'll throw out the question. 
Using photos - wildlife/nature/buses/trains as the main ones, would there be any interest in personalised cups?
Please leave any comments below.

To be honest it'll probably be one of them things, that will just have to wait for a bit.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Another photo shoot done of a few more items.

Note book with great tit cross stitch. Blank notebook, with 32 pages in a plastic cover.

Having been asked if I do any badger items, here's my first. 

For all you poppy lovers out there, the ideal keyring.

Having been asked for a particular bus keyring, which has gone to my brother, here's a 6-spot Burnett moth. Photos are my own, this was taken at Saltwells nature reserve.

Another from Saltwells nature reserve. A little chiffchaff.

I'm still trying to short out bank account, so any interest please contact me.

I have a large select of photos, (including nature and buses), that will be re-sized for key rings and hopefully paperweights. If anyone is interested in a particular photo, let me know. If I have one, I'll do it.